Company profile

CERTICONSULT GmbH is active in the area of “Product Compliance Management PCM” (fulfillment of legal and technical requirements) in a global environment. A comprehensive scope of service with the goal to minimize risks concerning product liability.

The services will be performed in a neutral manor. This means independent from certification bodies and test laboratories. The goal is a well matched, product related and cost effective concept.

The worldwide market access for electrical products is getting more and more complex. Many manufacturers, trading companies and end users are usually over employed by defining the appropriate certification procedure which allows to place a product somewhere in the global market, or to find out the legal way in a specific country.

Who can be addressed by the services?

The services of CERTICONSULT GmbH can be used by company management teams, marketing experts, product developers, manufacturers and trade companies. It concerns components and appliances designed according to IEC, CENELEC or other standards (e.g. foreign standards).

Your partner

Heinz Berger Heinz S. Berger, dipl. Ing. FH

Professional experience: 5 years as Manager Product Certification. Representative of Switzerland in international certification schemes for electrical products. 12 years as Technical Project Manager in major projects. 3 years as Manager of a development department (aviation). 2 ½ years basic research in USA (Bell Labs, microwaves). 7 years basic research at a University.

International activities:
Officer of the IECEx Certification Scheme. Registered Lead Assessor for European and IEC Certification Schemes (EN 45011 and EN 17025 and corresponding management systems). Comprehensive global network in the area of conformity assessment.


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